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What is Routin?

Routin is a route planning app. It is quite useful for drivers who should visit many addresses daily. By using Routin, you can sort the stops (locations) optimally and finish your jobs in a shorter time.

How do I create my first route?

1. Create a route

Click the Routes button at the bottom of the screen. Click the + button in the bottom right. Type the name of your route, select the date and press the save button. The route screen will open automatically so that you can add the stops.

2. Add hundreds of stops

Go to the new stop screen by clicking the + button in the bottom right of the Route screen. In the address field, type the address you are looking for, and choose the most suitable address from the listed results. The selected address will be displayed on the map. If you like, you can name the stop for later use. When you finish entering the information and press the Save and Add New button, your stop is saved and the screen opens again for the new stop recording. When you have finished adding your stops, you can return to the Route screen by clicking the Save button.

3. Plan your route

Open your route and click the Optimize button on the list screen. Select the starting and ending stops or let Routin select the ending stop for you. Then click the Run button.Your stops are sorted by the artificial intelligence supported routing algorithm.

4. View your route on the map

View your route on map by clicking the map section, above the route screen. If you click the preview button, you can preview your route on the map provider of your choice(Google, or Yandex, if any of them are available on your device). This option is available for the first 25 stops of your route.

5. Apply your plan

Follow your route by pressing the navigation button at the bottom or the navigation buttons on each stop.Complete the process related to the stop with the ok or cancel button. Completed stops are added to the Done list

After clicking a navigation button a notification will appear above the screen. When you reach your stop and complete your visit, if you click the Done on the notification,. you will be automatically directed to the next stop on the route.

6. Save and share your travel details

Take notes and add photos about your visit by clicking the attach button at the bottom left of the stop.You can share notes and pictures by pressing the share button that appears at the top of the screen.

Do I have to pay to use the app

You can continue to use the app by watching video ads without paying, you earn credits when you watch ads. Credits are used for transactions within the app, if you dont want to watch ads, you can buy credits or subscribe to the app.

How to add a new stop by clicking on the map?

  • Go to 'Routes' section.

  • Select or create a route.

  • Click on the map tab above the screen.

  • Press and hold the desired location on the map.

  • The address and coordinates of the location you marked are determined when youpress the “Add” button, the address and location information are copied tothe new stop.

  • Fill the desired fields and save.

How to upload large number of stops at once?

You can upload multiple stops to the application at once using the Import stops button on the home screen. You can use files in KML, GPX or CSV format for upload.

How to upload addresses with a CSV file?

You can use a CSV file to upload multiple addresses to Routin. CSV is a comma-seperated values file format, which can be edited using spreadsheet software like Excel.

1. Get the sample CSV file and add your addresses

Please go to home screen and click Import Stops.Then select CSV Send the example CSV file to your computer. You can open the file using one of the spreadsheet software like Excel. Add your addresses to file as shown in example rows. Latitude and Longitude fields are are required. If you dont know the values, fill both of the fields with a temporary value like 1 (Dont worry, you will have chance to correct the Latitude and Longitude fields using Routin App in step 3)

2. Import the file to your mobile device

Send the file back to your mobile device. When you click the CSV file on your mobile device, Routin will be one of the suggested apps to open the file. Please select Routin app. This will automatically start uploading process of the file to Routin. If this method does not work. You can use Import Stops button at home screen to upload the CSV file.

3. Search and validate locations for the stops (only necessary for stops with temporary latitude and longitude values)

After importing the stops, please go to Address Book. Then click the blue pencil on one of the new stops,which has temporary latitude and longitude. On this screen click the search button right next to address field and select one of the addresses below that you believe is the right one. This step will correct the Latitude and Longitude values. Last step is to click the save button. You must repeat the same process for all stops with temporary location

How do I add information other than addresses and names to the stops?

While creating a new stop or looking at the information of an existing stop, you can add more data (photo, note, city, phone number etc.) about the stop by clicking the Detail button.

On this screen, you can copy the information such as phone number and address of the contacts on your device to the stop. Just click the guide button located under the photo area and select the contact.

You can search for addresses by reading from image. Please follow the steps below:

-Take a photo of the address text you want to read.

-Crop the photo with only the address left

-Make corrections to the text read and save

How do I add previously visited stops to a new route?

Stops that are added to a route are also automatically added to the Address Book. (Don’t worry, if you like,you can delete them anytime) You can use two methods to add the stops from the Address Book

1. Go to the Route you want to add the stops to. Then click the + button.

- Select Add from Address Book (list view) All the stops in the Address Book will be displayed in a list. Select stops using the check box on the right. Then click “Add to Route”. Stops are automatically added to the route


-Select Add from Address Book (map view) All the stops in the Address Book will be displayed on a map. You can click and add the desired ones.

2. Go to Address Book. Select stops using the check box on the right. Then click “Add to Route”. In the screen that opens, you can choose from existing routes or create a new route. Stops are automatically added to the route you have chosen/created.

How can I access the notes I added to a stop during my previous visits?

Go to Address Book. Click the pencil icon on a stop. Then click the green “Past Visits” button on the bottom left. Past visits to that stop are listed. If you click the attach button on top of a visit, you can access the related notes and pictures. If you want, you can share notes and pictures by pressing the share button at the top of the screen.

How can I share my route?

You can use the share icon right above the screen on a Route. Click the icon and select the sharing method.This method is useful for routes that has stops less than 25. For more stops we are working on a new version of Routin. The new version has many features for managing teams. Hopefully it will be available soon

How can I reach the summary report on my visits?

You can access the summary report on your routes by clicking the Report button in the Home menu. If you click on a route , you can access details of the route.

How to create a route that goes through multiple countries?

You must first select a starting country and create a route with that country. Then you can add stops from other countries.

To add a stop from other countries, click the Details button on the New stop screen and change the Country Then find the desired address and save it.

Or go to the Map screen on a route and long press on a location in another country and create a new stop.

Optimization and other steps are performed.

It may not be possible to create a multi-country route in some cases:
  • If you create routes with countries from different continents,

  • If there is no way to drive between countries,

  • If the mapping data of the countries are located in different servers,

How to report incorrect location

You can help us improve map data. If you cannot find an address you are looking for or think its location is incorrect, please let us know.

How to change default message template?

How to change default note template?

How to create pdf report for route?

How to manually reorder stops on your route?



How to fix route finding issues for Google Maps?

The issue is relevant to the Google Maps app. This problem occurs very rarely for some users. It usually occurs on devices where dual cellular lines are active. We are trying to understand why the problem occurs.

Could you try again with changing some settings below?

  • 1- Disable Wifi-only mode (if enabled) in Google Maps. Open Google Maps, click profile icon, click to settings menu, disable wifi only option.

  • 2- Disable power saving mode (if enabled).

  • 3- Enable some settings for Google Maps. Please open the settings app on your device. Then click to apps menu, click to Google Maps. Enable following options below. If you do not see some options below, click the mobile data menu.

    • a- Enable background data option

    • b- Enable unrestricted data usage option

    • c- Enable data usage while data saver is on

Try again to use Navigation and let us know about the result.